Don’t Be Afraid To Call The Baby Ugly

It is a very real and unfortunate circumstance in today’s economy that corporate and government buying entities all too rarely solicit goods and services from businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, and those in the LGBT community. The field of supplier diversity, however, provides programs to encourage a paradigm shift in this situation, and Scott A. Vowels, PhD, had the privilege of cofounding and moderating The BIGGER Discussion-an event in which small business advocates and economic leaders from across the country assembled to candidly debate the proverbial elephants in the room regarding the supplier diversity field.

“Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Baby Ugly” is Vowels’ answer to the hundreds of questions he receives from interested people wanting to learn more in order to make a positive difference. Experience the event’s creation and debate through his eyes, while also gaining critical personal commentary on the topics discussed.

As of this book’s writing, over thirty-two thousand people have viewed the first event’s discussion on YouTube, making it the most-viewed program on supplier diversity in the industry’s history. Read this entertaining and informative book and join the effort to change and support our wonderfully diverse economy.